New Year, Same You

fit20 UK

Why do we set new year resolutions? Every year we find ourselves setting another new year resolution only to have given up by February. We set these resolutions as we want change in our lives.

Most of us find our resolutions include themes along health, happiness and lifestyle which we made in 2017 yet reappears in 2018, 2019 and surprise surprise 2020! Reasons behind our resolutions failing stem from a lack of motivation and failing our resolutions leaves us with low self-esteem. Overall this isn’t a healthy mindset to start the year with.

For a successful resolution you need to develop these into lifestyle habits, often a lack of time or results puts us off. HOWEVER, we challenge you to find just 20 minutes a week and train with us at fit20 to turn your resolution into results and a healthier, fitter, stronger lifestyle!

Training for just 20 minutes a week is backed by science, expertise and experience, it acts as a catalyst for a change of healthy lifestyle. Your strength will increase by up to 20-30% in 12 weeks.

Make this year different for you- train with fit20 and make the change you want to see.