Really? A week’s worth of exercise in 20 minutes?

The effectiveness of fit20’s training comes from it’s intensity. We call it the optimal stimulus that helps your body to adapt. This adaptation strengthens your muscles, bones and other body systems and processes. fit20 is a form of high intensity strength training.

fit20 is:

  • low frequency- you only need to train once a week, not three to five times a week so you save time which makes it super convenient. The rest and recovery is as important as the workout itself!
  • low volume - only 20 minutes, saving you time. Perfect for busy people who have a heap of other commitments that would otherwise prevent them from keeping healthy, fit and strong.
  • low impact- exercises are done in “slow motion”. No jumping around here. That makes it incredibly safe and there are no injuries. Many of our customers with past injuries (knees, hips, ankles, shoulder, etc) jare able to do fit20 safely when other forms of exercise are inaccessible to them.
  • Social distancing - wait, what? No groups or classes here. It’s personal training. Just you and your trainer to ensure you get great attention, coaching and results.

If you’re not a fan of crowded gyms, or want to see how we can help you train safely within the current social distancing guidelines, contact us: